How to improve the technology of LED display

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The development of transparent LED screen is very fast these years. People always expect something perfect, LED screen is no exception, in every aspect of people continue to improve technology, improve performance, so get vivid LED screen display. The actual project, the various parameters of transparent LED displays, such as gray and field frequency, etc., although each company in accordance with the understanding and the use of different values differ, but the fact whether it is a monochrome screen, color screen, gray screen, or full color. weiter lesen

The controlling of full color LED display

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According to the principles of colorimetry additive color, outdoor full color LED display consists of RGB LED for each pixel on the display by controlling each pixel of a color LED luminous intensity. weiter lesen

The studio of LED display

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When viewed up close, the picture of indoor LED display does not coherent incomplete and uneven brightness to produce grainy, if confined to a small light source pixel surface area, resulting in a single pixel brightness of the entire screen brightness and even multiple of ten times, it will cause more serious sense glaring. Currently on the market a lot of indoor LED display fill factor does not reach the target. TV cutoff low-pass filter characteristic has a direct impact on the right to shoot the fill factor different from the LED display. weiter lesen

LED display light color and quality

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LED display light color quality including color temperature, color, light color fidelity, light natural color, hue degree of recognition, visual comfort and so on. Here we discuss only solve the current color temperature and color rendering issues. Making high color full-color LED display light source, it will lose more light effects, so the design should take care of these two factors. weiter lesen

The price competition of LED curtain in North America

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In LED curtain market, competition between the price almost is an eternal topic. So today we have to explain in detail LED curtain market price war. In the past few months, LED display industry can be described as situation change, the parties locked in a price war hit, but with the arrival of the traditional off-season in July, the Chinese market will gradually calm, various companies have return to calm, but This time the North American market, the price war is playing awfully. weiter lesen