How to improve the technology of LED display

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The development of transparent LED screen is very fast these years. People always expect something perfect, LED screen is no exception, in every aspect of people continue to improve technology, improve performance, so get vivid LED screen display. The actual project, the various parameters of transparent LED displays, such as gray and field frequency, etc., although each company in accordance with the understanding and the use of different values differ, but the fact whether it is a monochrome screen, color screen, gray screen, or full color.

We agreed to display the actual ambient brightness value from a need to provide more appropriate and reasonably low ash signal specification is necessary for LED dance floor.

The processing speed of the latest high-speed digital circuits fully able to meet 16BIT gray levels of signal encoding processing capabilities. But the overwhelming majority of the current module signal transmission bandwidth, constant current driver chip bandwidth is not satisfied so fast signal speeds. Traditional LED module signal bandwidth and bandwidth of a conventional transmission path constant current chip technology have become the bottleneck of transparent LED display. Of course, for the effect of the actual ignition signal becomes too low gray worse, it is essentially a random brightness distribution inconsistency.

Since the 1990s, LED dance floor display is widely used in the production of life. With the rapid development of led display in the display industry has emerged a group of outstanding enterprises, such as Parkinson lion, Lehman,

This transparent LED screen comes with high brightness, so the signal must be the background brightness difference in luminance. Study parameters LED turn driving conditions as soon as possible to develop a more rational chip, system, industry test standard power and LED lamp, is looking forward to the whole industry.

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